Ultra strong electrical door operator for hinged fire doors.

Tested integrity for tomorrows fire protection

Safe and reliable operation, Even under the hardest conditions

A60 hinged fire doors are designed to prevent the passage of fire and smoke in the event of an emergency. Traditionally hinged fire doors are restricted to size and weight as they are subject of being self-closing at a specific heeling of 3.5°.

The all-new ECS 2100 is designed to close the biggest and heaviest doors under these conditions. In fact, the new ECS 2100 can close doors up to a weight of 400kg under a heeling of 25° in a safe and reliable manner.

In addition to its formidable power, it is designed and tested to operate under the action of fire certified by Lloyds register of Shipping and RINA. Type approvals, Fire test certificates, MED documents in EC certification are all available and subject to each individual delivery.

The drive system underwent a massive test program including vibration tests, humidity, tests, temperature tests and EMV testing. Al tests are recorded by recognized testing laboratories in Germany.

Main characteristics

• Main supply 220V 50 – 60 cycles
• Operation at 24V DC / 10 Amps
• Back up batteries for 10 emergency cycles
• IP 66 switch box
• Hook latch release mechanism for push button operation
• Flat screen sensors for reversing the door in any positon and to monitor the dangerous edges while closing
• Vandal save push button operation

The ECS 2100 is used in following cases:

• FPSO and offshore construction to operate doors under maximal inclinations
• Cruise ships on locations where large sliding doors might be difficult to install due to space restrictions
• Car ferries to allow passengers easy access to the exterior where wind forces are applied

The extensively proven ECS 2100 can be used for hinged and sliding doors and consequently recudes the required amount of spare parts.


Ultra strong electrical door operator

Tested integrity for tomorrows fire protection.


Successfully Certified

New electrical drive system ECS 2100 WT for watertight bulkhead sliding doors successfully certified.


Relaunch of the Legend

AP Marine GmbH is proud to announce the relaunch of the legendary PCS 2000.


SMM Hamburg 2018

AP Marine GmbH at the maritime industry’s leading trade fair