Top quality

We offer door systems for the offshore sector with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drives. The highest quality standards are applied to all our doors, and we use only top-quality materials.

All products comply with international shipping equipment guidelines. Seamless quality assurance accompanies every step of the process chain.

Once a successful performance test has been completed, the quality certificate is issued. Our door systems guarantee maximum safety, absolute reliability, the highest level of watertightness and great resistance to influences such as weather, corrosion, water or fire. Get in touch for more details.

Electric SYSTEMS

Our ESC 2000, ESC 2100 and ESC 2100 SST electric door systems for the offshore sector are suitable for use in hinged and sliding doors.

The doors remain absolutely watertight at pressure heads of up to 10 m. The material has lifetime resistance to corrosion by seawater.

It goes without saying that the cabling in the door systems complies with offshore standards.

Electric drives

ESC 500

B15 sliding doors, “C” class sliding doors, internal glass sliding doors

ESC 2100

A60 sliding doors, A60 hinged doors, B15 sliding doors, “C” class sliding doors, internal glass sliding doors, lightweight watertight doors, medium-duty watertight sliding doors

ESC 3000

Lightweight watertight sliding doors, medium-duty watertight sliding doors

Pneumatic SYSTEMS

Our PCS 2000 CSS pneumatic offshore door system is mainly used in sliding doors.

It is available as an “A” class fire door and also in “H” class (hydrocarbon).

Pneumatic drives

PCS 2000

Internal A60 sliding fire doors

PCS 2000 CSS

External A60 sliding doors, external A60 hinged doors, external “H” class sliding doors, external “H” class hinged doors, V-doors, BOP doors

Hydraulic SYSTEMS


Our HCS 2100 HP (High Pressure) hydraulic door system for the offshore sector is suitable for installation in sliding doors.

It remains reliably watertight to a pressure head of 50 m.

Hydraulic drives

ESC 2100 HYD

Medium-duty watertight sliding doors, heavy-duty watertight sliding doors, hatches and covers